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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ - 900)

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ - 900)

Course Starts:  March 25th  | April 29th  (You may choose your preferred date)

Duration: 10 Weeks (3 Weeks for the Certification, followed by 7 Weeks of Internship)

Course Fee: $1795**  (Easy payment plan offered by Afterpay)


** Includes Microsoft Exam Fee


Our applied - internship program has been meticulously designed  to offer students the essential hands-on learning experience utilizing real-world datasets within the Azure cloud environment. This setup enables them to engage in practical learning experiences, facilitating certification attainment while simultaneously preparing them for employment in the industry.


    Upon completing the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Training (AZ-900), participants will achieve a fundamental comprehension of the following key areas:


    • Cloud Computing: Understanding the principles and benefits of cloud computing, including scalability, agility, and cost-effectiveness.

    • Azure and Azure Subscriptions: Familiarity with Microsoft Azure as a cloud computing platform and the subscription models available.

    • Creation of Azure Web Apps: Ability to create and manage web applications using Azure services and resources.

    • Creation of Azure Virtual Networks: Proficiency in setting up and configuring virtual networks within the Azure environment to facilitate secure communication between resources.

    • Deployment of Databases in Azure: Understanding the process of deploying and managing databases in the Azure cloud platform, including database services and tools available.


    Overall, participants will acquire essential knowledge and skills to navigate Azure's core concepts, services, and functionalities, empowering them to leverage Azure effectively for various cloud computing requirements.


    Key Features of Azure AZ-900 Certification Training Course:

    • Instructor-led Sessions: Engage in comprehensive Microsoft Azure 900 Certification Training through expert-led sessions to enhance your understanding of key concepts.

    • Free 1-hour Preview: Gain access to a complimentary one-hour preview session to familiarize yourself with fundamental cloud concepts and the training approach.

    • Global Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced Microsoft Azure 900 certification instructors located worldwide, providing diverse perspectives and insights.

    • Industry-Recognized Certification: Earn a Microsoft Azure 900 certification Course Completion certificate, enhancing your professional credentials and industry recognition.

    • Access to Microsoft Training Contents: Attend sessions conveniently across 100+ locations globally, providing flexibility and accessibility.


    Target Audience of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification:

    This training is suitable for a variety of job roles, including but not limited to:

    • System Administrators
    • Developers
    • AI Engineers
    • Data Analysts
    • Data Engineers
    • Data Scientists
    • Security Engineers


    Additionally, it is open to anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of what Microsoft Azure entails, making it inclusive for individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests in cloud computing.


    Returns and Refund Policy: 

    The course fee is 100%  refundable if students cannot join the program and want to cancel their admission. Once students join the program, payment cannot be refunded. 

    • Get started with a comprehensive introduction to cloud concepts, laying the groundwork for understanding Azure Fundamentals.


      Topics Covered:

      • Exploring Cloud Computing
      • Understanding the Advantages of Cloud Services
      • Differentiating Types of Cloud Services

      By the end of Week 1, participants will be able to:

      • Define cloud computing and its key components.
      • Discuss the benefits of leveraging cloud services.
      • Identify various types of cloud services and their applications.
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