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1 Week Free Trial
  • 1 Week Free Trial


    To help you make an informed decision before joining our 12-week program, we invite you to participate in a 1-week free trial. During this trial, you'll have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with our expert data scientists, faculty, and mentors.


    After the trial week, you can choose to pay and continue with the program or exit without any commitment. We also offer discounted rates for students with existing loans.


    Cohort Start Date: July 22nd

    Course Duration: 12 Weeks 


    Our 12 Week Applied - Data Analyst Course, Intergrated with an Internship Program, has been meticulously designed  to offer students the essential hands-on learning experience utilizing real-world datasets within the Azure cloud environment. This setup enables them to engage in practical learning experiences, facilitating certification attainment while simultaneously preparing them for employment in the industry.


    Program Features:
    🎓 CPT – OPT Sponsorship for international students.
    📚 Study and exam guide for Microsoft PL-300 Certification in Data Analysis & Power BI.
    🛠️ Hands-on Project in Azure Cloud Enviroment
    🚀 Job Readiness and Placement Assistance support to boost your career.


      Program Outcomes

      • Import data efficiently from diverse sources into the appropriate storage format.

      • Define tables, measures, and calculated columns to construct an optimized data model.

      • Generate reports featuring interactive dynamic functionalities suitable for both desktop and mobile platforms.

      • Employ Power BI's AI-driven analysis tools to discern pivotal factors contributing to trends and anomalies.

      • Deploy and configure reports and datasets within a production environment.


      Program Prerequisites:

      • Fundamental understanding of statistical concepts.

      • Basic comprehension of datasets and data relationships.


      Intended Audience:

      • Individuals aspiring to become adept Power BI data analysts.

      • Candidates preparing for Microsoft’s PL-300 (DA-100) exam.


      The Applied Learning and Internship Experience 

      Our applied and internship learning programs are uniquely designed to provide students needed hands-on learning experience in real-world data and Azure cloud environment enabling them to be job-ready. 

      Certified Data Analyst Associate certification with a focus on Power BI. Please note that this schedule is intensive and assumes you have some prior knowledge of data analysis concepts and Power BI. Adjust the pace and content based on your background and learning speed.


      Returns and Refund Policy: 

      The course fee is 100%  refundable if students cannot join the program and want to cancel their admission. Once students join the program, payment cannot be refunded. 


      ** Financial Assistance available for international students 


      This training is suitable for a variety of job roles, including but not limited to:

      • Azure Data Analyst 
      • BI and Data Analytics 
      • Data Engineers 
      • Course Timing: 9.30 AM - 11.30 PST ​

        Day 1-2: Understanding the Fundamentals of Data Analytics 

        • Overview of Power BI and its role in data analysis and visualization

        • Installing Power BI Desktop and navigating the interface

        • Importing data from various sources into Power BI

        • Quizzes, Q & A Session

        Day 3-4: Data Modeling in Power BI 

        • Importing data from various sources

        • Data transformation and cleaning techniques

        • Data modeling concepts and best practices

        • Understanding relationships between tables

        • Implementing measures and calculated columns using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)

        • Introduction to Power Query for data transformation and cleaning

        Day 5: Exam 

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