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Microsoft Certification PL-300 : Power BI Data Analyst Associate

 Next Batch: Monday, March 18   Duration: 12 Weeks 


Highlight of the Course

   Hybrid  (Option for Classroom / Remote )*

   Applied Learning & Internship (including  Prep & Practice / Quizzes )

   Realtime Product Development


Course Fee :  $2795  (Sign up by Feb 25th and receive 10% off)


The Power BI - Data Analyst Associate course aims at preparing students for 

PL-300 Exam, with focus on both Theoritical & Applied Learning.


This Applied Learning Path aims to assist you in readying yourself for the PL-300 (DA-100) Power BI Data Analyst Associate exam. Even if your intention does not include sitting for the exam, engaging in these courses and practical labs will initiate your journey towards becoming proficient in Power BI Data Analysis.


The PL-300 exam constitutes a crucial part of Microsoft's new certification framework, focusing on specific roles, and is essential for acquiring the Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification. PL-300 supersedes the DA-100 Analyzing Data with Microsoft certification.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Import data efficiently from diverse sources into the appropriate storage format.

  2. Define tables, measures, and calculated columns to construct an optimized data model.

  3. Generate reports featuring interactive dynamic functionalities suitable for both desktop and mobile platforms.

  4. Employ Power BI's AI-driven analysis tools to discern pivotal factors contributing to trends and anomalies.

  5. Deploy and configure reports and datasets within a production environment.


Intended Audience:

  • Individuals aspiring to become adept Power BI data analysts.

  • Candidates preparing for Microsoft’s PL-300 (DA-100) exam.

Program Prerequisites:

  • Fundamental understanding of statistical concepts.

  • Basic comprehension of datasets and data relationships.


Our applied and  internship learning program,  are uniquely designed to provided students needed hands-on learning experience in real world data and Azure cloud environment enabling them to be Job Ready. 

Certified Data Analyst Associate certification with a focus on Power BI. Please note that this schedule is intensive and assumes you have some prior knowledge of data analysis concepts and Power BI. Adjust the pace and content based on your background and learning speed:

Introduction to Data Analysis and Power BI


Week 1: Introduction to Power BI Fundamentals         -   

Total: 20 Hours  -  Theory: 6 Hours     Lab: 10 Hours      Prep/Exam: 4 Hours

Day 1-2: Understanding the Fundamentals of Data Analytics 

  • Overview of Power BI and its role in data analysis and visualization

  • Installing Power BI Desktop and navigating the interface

  • Importing data from various sources into Power BI

  • Quizzes, Q & A Session

Day 3-4: Data Modeling in Power BI 

  • Importing data from various sources

  • Data transformation and cleaning techniques

  • Data modeling concepts and best practices

  • Understanding relationships between tables

  • Implementing measures and calculated columns using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)

  • Introduction to Power Query for data transformation and cleaning

Day 5: Exam 

Week 2: Data Visualization with Power BI

Total: 20 Hours  -  Theory: 6 Hours     Lab: 10 Hours      Prep/Exam: 4 Hours

Day 6-7: Creating Visualizations 

  • Building basic visualizations: charts, graphs, and tables

  • Implementing advanced visualizations: slicers, filters, and hierarchies

  • Enhancing visualizations with formatting and custom visuals

  • Quizzes, Q&A Session

Day 8-9: Dashboard Design and Interactivity 

  • Designing interactive dashboards for effective data storytelling

  • Implementing drill-downs, cross-filtering, and bookmarks

  • Best practices for dashboard design and layout

  • Quizzes, Q&A Session

Day 10: Exam 

Week 3: Data Analysis and Insights

Total: 20 Hours  -  Theory: 6 Hours     Lab: 10 Hours      Prep/Exam: 4 Hours

Day 11-12: Advanced Data Analysis 

  • Performing advanced analytics using DAX functions

  • Time intelligence functions for analyzing trends and patterns over time

  • Statistical functions for data analysis and forecasting

Day 13-14 : Data Insights and Reporting 

  • Creating data insights using Power BI Q&A feature

  • Introduction to paginated reports and exporting data to other formats

  • Implementing row-level security for data protection

  • Quizzes, Q&A

Day 15: Exam ​

Week 4: Data Integration and Administration 

Total: 20 Hours  -  Theory: 6 Hours     Lab: 10 Hours      Prep/Exam: 4 Hours 

Day 16-17: Data Integration and Sharing 

  • Integrating data from external sources using APIs and web services

  • Publishing reports and dashboards to Power BI Service

  • Configuring data refresh schedules and gateways

Day 18-19: Power BI Administration 

  • Managing workspaces, datasets, and reports in Power BI Service

  • User management and access control using security roles and permissions

  • Monitoring and optimizing Power BI performance

  • Quizzes, Q&A

Day 20: Exam​

Week 5: Capstone Project and Exam Preparation

 Capstone Project 

  • Students work on a comprehensive project applying Power BI concepts learned throughout the course

  • Project guidance and assistance provided by instructors

  • Presentation of projects and peer feedback

Exam Review and Practice 

  • Reviewing key concepts and topics covered in the course

  • Practicing sample exam questions and scenarios

  • Tips and strategies for success in the PL-300 certification exam

  • Practice Exam 

This outline provides a structured approach to preparing for the Microsoft Certified Data Analyst with Power BI (PL-300) exam, covering Power BI fundamentals, data modeling, advanced visualization, data analysis, integration, administration, and exam preparation, with ample opportunities for hands-on practice and assessment.

After completing the initial 5-week period, students will transition into a subsequent 7-week Applied Internship & Job Readiness Program. During this phase, participants will engage in practical product development environments, role-playing scenarios, and customer interaction exercises focused on Leetcode, Hacker Rank evaluations and interview preparation techniques and best practices. End Goal - Job Readiness & Success !

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