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Microsoft Certification (PL - 300) 

Data Analyst Associate with Power BI

Our preparatory Microsoft certified Data Analyst Associate with Power BI course, is designed to equip students with the analytical skills that employers are actively seeking. Our curriculum is rooted in applied learning, making sure that our students are job-ready once they have completed the course. In addition to providing a real Microsoft environment, each module comes with quizzes and practice exercises, ensuring students have a thorough understanding of each topic.

Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate with Power BI
(Next Batch Starts: Monday, October 2nd)


   Next Course: Monday, October 2nd   Duration: 3 Weeks 

   Highlight of the Course

  •    Hybrid  (Option for Classroom / Remote )*

            Instructor Led | Project Work / Applied Learning (including  Prep & Practice / Quizzes )


   Number of Seats: 20 


    Course Fee :  $995**

    Course Fee (Till September 15th):  $895 **       (10 % Discount if you register by September 15th)


    *  Students applying for the course will be eligible for Internship on CPT or OPT. 

    ** Include Microsoft Exam Fee   


The Data Analyst Associate with Power BI

course aims at preparing students for the PL-300 Exam,

with focus on both Theoritical & Applied Learning.


The Data Analysis and Business Intelligence (BI) sector is experiencing substantial growth. Each day, more hiring managers and recruiters are actively seeking professionals who not only possess proficiency in Data Analysis and BI tools, but also hold certifications to substantiate their expertise. Microsoft certified Data Analysis with Power BI course offer unique value proposition to aspiring students planning their career path in the Data Science,  Analysis and Business Intelligence space. 


Our applied and  internship learning program,  are uniquely designed to provided students needed hands-on learning experience in real world data and Azure cloud environment enabling them to be Job Ready. 



Introduction to Data Analysis and Power BI

  • Role of a Data Analyst.

  • Overview of Power BI.

  • Installing Power BI Desktop.

  • Basic navigation in Power BI Desktop.


Data Sources and Loading Data

  •  Connecting to data sources   (e.g., Excel, SQL Server).

  • Data preparation in Power Query.

  • Loading data into Power BI & Basic data transformations.


 Data Modeling Basics

  • Creating relationships between Tables.

  •  Introduction to DAX (Data Analysis Expressions).

  •  Building simple measures.    


Data Visualization Fundamentals

  • Creating basic visualizations (e.g., bar charts, pie charts).

  • Basic formatting and Customization.

  • Best practices in data Visualization.


 Interactive Reports

  •  Building interactive reports.

  • Adding slicers and filters.

  • Simple drill-through actions.


Advanced Data Transformations

  •  Advanced data cleaning and Shaping.

  • Combining data from multiple sources.

  • Advanced transformations in Power Query.


Advanced Data Modeling with DAX

  • Complex DAX calculations.

  • Time intelligence functions.

  • Working with hierarchies.

Advanced Topics and Exam Preparation

  • Data-driven storytelling with Power BI.

  • Review for the Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate certification exam.

Certification Exam (Prep & Quizzes)

Post-Exam Review and Certification Benefits

  • Review your exam results.

  • Plan your career path and explore job opportunities.

Capstone Project and Course Conclusion

  • Work on a data analysis project using Power BI.

  • Present your project findings.

  • Course conclusion and next steps in your data analyst journey.

​This condensed 3 Week (15-day course) is intensive, so be prepared to dedicate significant time to each day's topics and engage in hands-on exercises. If you're new to data analysis and Power BI, you may need to extend the schedule to allow for more in-depth learning and practice. Good luck with your certification journey!

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